What you should consider before purchasing an awning!

Before you decide upon an awning, you should think about your camping habits. These determine the demands placed on your awning. You should therefore answer the two most important questions before beginning to plan:

How and where does your tent stand?
Is it on a seasonal or long-term campsite? Or is it a touring companion?
Does your tent stand under leafy or needle trees? Or in the open air?
If you prefer a place under trees, we recommend tent models using plastic-coated polyester fabric in the roof.

Do you spend your holiday in particularly windy regions?
Your tent should give the wind the smallest possible area to attack. Therefore, please pay attention to the roof shape when choosing your porch. The smaller the roof protrusion, the more sturdy in the wind.

Whichever type of camping you prefer, always pay attention to good and correct ground bracing when putting the tent up!

Touring or long-term camping?
If you are seasonal or long-term campers, make sure that you use sufficient additional poles such as ridge and hurricane poles to give the porch even more stability.
If you prefer touring camping, we recommend tent models that use lighter materials and weight reducing aluminium poles which are already included with several tent models or are offered as an option.

Pay attention to the right choice of the tent poles when purchasing a tent!

We process all suitable materials to build the tent and offer alternatives to the standard poles so that you can make the best choice for your needs: whether you are relying on stability or your focus is set on weight reduction.

The dwt frame options give you the opportunity to react to local conditions and match your frame to the respective use. We advise long-term campers to pay attention to stability to withstand the wind and weather conditions. Touring campers should be equipped for the respective site. At the coast: you may want to use additional poles. If you change the site frequently, simple and uncomplicated assembly of the frames is an advantage. dwt awnings are equipped with high quality steel or aluminium frames as standard.

Frames: strong as steel
The electro-galvanised steel tube poles are particularly suitable for season and long-term sites, offer the best possible safety and are available in the following thicknesses:
For normal weather conditions
- 25 x 1mm diameter
- 28 x 1mm diameter
For extreme weather conditions
- 32 x 1.5mm diameter

Aluminium – the lighter alternative
In comparison to 25mm steel tube frames, anodised 28mm aluminium frames show 50% less packing weight on the scales. This makes them the perfect alternative for touring campers. The easily erectable frames are available in the following thicknesses:
For normal weather conditions
- 25 x 1mm diameter
For extreme weather conditions
- 32 x 1.5mm diameter

The material is also decisive, and depends on your destination and your camping habits. You will find an overview of all dwt materials here!


Please note that the stability of a porch depends on correct tensioning and bracing. You can improve the tent's stability with additional tent poles in line with the expected weather. For extreme weather conditions, we recommend our Storm poles package.