The material combination of coated fabrics in the roof and walls makes this tent an all-rounder. Touring campers and seasonal camper on the coasts can appreciate these strengths. Whether you use the then for travelling or seasonal camping, you will get the entire tent. Also order the value package "Travel"!

Seasonal tent
Price advantage/accessories package

For caravans with a height between 235 and 250 cm.

General features:

For tensioning inside or outside with flexible ladders, mud guards with eyelets and hollow seams in the front wall for fastening the veranda poles to the porch membrane.


Roof, splash guards and mud guards made of polyester fabric coated with plastic on both sides; trailtex side walls and front wall; polyester fabrics coated on one side, extremely non-fade, easy-care and suitable for touring and seasonal camping; window foils absorb UV very well

Front wall:

Detachable; can be rolled down to a veranda, storm bracing options under the windows and on the roof corners; high quality curtains in the front wall are fastened to the curtain channel.

Side walls:

There is a door in each side all that can be rolled to the side; the side windows are furnished with curtains, high-volume foam beading is fixed around the whole height with Velcro and pressed with pressure poles against the caravan for a better seal. Closable high ventilation is sewn into the top porch corners to ensure the necessary exchange of air in the porch.


With 25 x 1 mm steel poles and pressure poles as standard.


Porch membrane, poles, curtains, bicycle and wind break, tensioning materials and packing bag.

Size 1 - 4
Size 1 - 4
Frame sketches
Gestänge Serienausstattung Standard equipement   

Roof channels for Vario Clip elements: the double roof channel saves complicated assembly of wall loops. Please order the Vario clips, which take the ridge pole, separately.

Horizontal hollow seams: for additional poles - particularly comfortable to open and close.

Side wall curtains: safeguard your privacy and create a comfortable, homely feel.

Curtain rails and curtain roller: pre-equipped for simple and fast hanging of curtains!

Robust sewn-in storm flaps: for optimum distribution of forces and a steady stand

Insert buckle for the safety strap: pre-equipped on all awning models. The safety straps are simply clicked in. This attachment prevent scuffing along the tent membrane. For awnings with a storm roof, the strap is fixed on the spine of awning.



  • tent skin, poles, curtains, tensioning material, wheel and wind cover, 1 packsack
size Width x Depth weight in kg Recommended retail price Special reduced price
1 (B x T) 300 x 240 27,0 835,00 -
2 (B x T) 350 x 240 28,0 875,00 -
3 (B x T) 400 x 240 29,0 945,00 -
4 (B x T) 450 x 240 30,0 990,00 -
recommended special fittings Recommended retail price Special reduced price
Firststange, Stahl 25 x 1 mm (pro Stück) 17,00 -
Orkanstütze, Stahl 22 x 1 mm (pro Stück) 14,50 -
Vorteilspaket "Travel" (Preisvorteil 20,--) 76,50 -
Sicherheitsgurt Plus (1 Paar) 38,00 -
Gestängespanner 33,50 -